Case 14

Equity for Students with Disabilities

Module 2: Leading College & Career Readiness Programming for Multilingual Learners & Students with Disabilities

Building Level

Camden, NJ


Situated in Camden City, NJ, this case explores issues related to providing appropriate services for students with disabilities. The module’s simulation centers on a school-based leadership team in a charter school grappling with a scandal relating to special education students. The leadership team works to find plausible solutions for navigating the legal, social-emotional, academic, and staffing issues present in the simulation.

Key Skills Developed:

  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Equity in Special Education Programming

Leadership Tools & Assessments

  • StrengthFinders (Gallup)
  • Action Planning Tool

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (ISLLC 2015)

  • 5) Community of Care and Support for Students
  • 6) Professional Capacity of School Personnel
  • 8) Meaningful Engagement of Families and Community
  • 10) School Improvement
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