ONE Conference at Cal State LA

February 4, 2017

 Co-presenting with faculty from Cal State LA Charter College of Education.


Transforming Schools for Inclusion: Creating and Leading Cultures of Collaboration

This session will provide a structured, interactive session that examines the role of educational leaders in creating collaborative school cultures for the benefit of all students, with an emphasis on students with special needs. Participants will examine and become aware of their own values to encourage greater collaboration in doing school transformational work. Panelists will discuss : 1) What values do we share as educators and administrators? 2) How can we root our efforts to create inclusive schools and classrooms in shared values? Transformational leadership tools will be shared and modeled. School-based and district-based teams are encouraged to attend.


Session Presenters

Sarah Benis Scheier-Dolberg, Dr. Brian K. Perkins, Dr. Albert Jones, Dr. Christina Kimm, Dr. Leila Ricci, Dr. KiMi Wilson

The Urban Education Leaders Collaborative (UELC) at Columbia University Teachers College and the Cal State LA Charter College of Education are partnering to impact system-wide outcomes for students and families. Specifically, this partnership builds on 1) the Charter College of Education’s expertise in special education and school leadership to equip educators and leaders with the knowledge, tools, and dispositions necessary to create inclusive, integrated learning spaces in schools; and 2) the UELC’s professional development model for integrating simulated case studies and new technologies, equity-oriented reflective leadership practices, and collaborative decision-making teams to address the complexities of leadership in urban schools.



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