Case 8

Teacher Leadership & Teacher Diversity

Module 3: Leading Professional Learning and Expanding School Capacity

Building Level

Charlotte, NC


This case highlights a new teacher leadership program in Charlotte, NC; the simulation asks a building-level leadership team to consider teacher leadership and teacher diversity issues together in order to address a chronic districtwide teacher shortage across the district affecting their school in dramatic ways.

Key Skills Developed:

  • Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Models for Teacher Leadership
  • Building and Retaining a Diverse Teacher Workforce
  • Strategic Thinking

Leadership Tools & Assessments

  • StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Decision-Making Processes (Vroom)
  • Action Planning Tool

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (ISLLC 2015)

  • 1) Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  • 3) Equity and Cultural Responsiveness
  • 6) Professional Capacity of School Personnel
  • 10) School Improvement
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